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Lean and Mean doesn’t have to mean loss of quality. By now in the professional world, you have heard of Six Sigma and Lean as operational philosophies. However, American Associated Companies does not believe that pairing down to “lean” has to involve a loss of quality in the process. We believe you can have your cake and eat it too in the linen purchase and distribution arena.

Attention to service and detail can save AACO and its clients’ money while simultaneously improving quality and value if the “right” detail is respected. Embracing a distribution program that culls out unnecessary steps and strives for continuous improvement is essential to getting lean and mean. We apply this philosophy to all of our services including hospitality linens and apparel, health care and guest care products.

AACO believes that if product specs and performance is managed properly, responsibilities are clear, processes never stop developing and people never stop learning it is entirely possible to have an end result of quality and efficiency. Utilizing our years of linen purchasing and distribution experience, we can find our customers the best deal that works for their clients. Our years of experience can help you make the right decisions.

We have the knowledge and the ability to stay lean and mean and deliver quality at the same time. Contact us to talk to the experts. AACO- Linens for Life.


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