Junk Drawer Muse

Everybody has one!

American Associated Companies knows that everybody’s got a junk drawer. Even if we never intended to have one, it’s there. Time has taught us it is an inevitable staple of a home. The junk drawer. The universal bin of handy has-beens. A catch all place for who knows what. They are curious reflections of our lives. Twist ties, rubber bands, pens, tape, scissors, push pins, batteries, spare parts, hooks, mounting strips, lip balm, eye drops, along with many other items. The only criteria being that it must fit inside. Past that, anything goes.

What do these collections indicate about us? Lots. Beyond the junk drawer’s veneer of randomness is order and intent. Tools for a quick job around the house. Items for repurpose. Whatnots ready to fix your child’s broken toy. Supplies to run office functions from your kitchen. We may look at our own junk drawer somewhat embarrassed but it is truly the Swiss Army knife of our house.

American Associated Companies is like your junk drawer for Linens, your Swiss Army knife of linen distributors. Your go to place to find that item, that deal, that fix that you need. Okay, we are a lot more than a junk drawer for your linen needs but the general feeling of trusting that we hold the answer to your linen needs is key.  Order, intent, trust, usefulness, American Associated. Linens for life.  Contact us to get your drawer set up.

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