Increasing Productivity Without Busting the Budget

Higher pay typically leads to higher production. The challenge comes when you are tasked with increasing production using the same budget. How do you get more from your linen workers and keep their wages the same?

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.” (sign outside a coffee shop)

There are other production incentives that don’t necessarily require significant increases in wages. One of the Linen plants that AACO staff toured had an “employee of the month” parking spot designated that was the closest spot to the door. Not only did the winning employee feel special, anyone visiting the plant was made aware that employees are appreciated.

Another had a “star employee” that was featured at the time clock for all to see. An employee gained star status by submitting the winning suggestion or idea that improved production or quality. A uniform company had their pressers outfitted with a small clock above the person’s station that displayed the production of that person and the highest performer got to stand in the front position.

Appreciation can come in many forms. Roger Cocivera, TRSA Operator Lifetime award winner, tells the story of buying a used ice cream cart and personally going around the plant, in the heat of the summer, handing out popsicles.

One of the absolute best motivation and show of appreciation is when the CEO/President/GM personally walks through the plant and says hi and thanks every associate. How often this happens depends on each organization and number of locations. Personal, sincere attention from the top motivates as much as money. When the CEO comes by the top producers work station, acknowledges their accomplishment and thanks them in front of their peers, that goes a long way.

American Associated Companies recognizes that increasing wages may not be possible. However, there may be a lot of other innovative ways to motivate employees. Send us a note if you have an example and we will try to share it here with others. Or better yet, contact our sales team and they will be happy to visit and check it out.

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