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AACO knows that “frugal luxury” seems like a paradox. As in tough…and love. However, just as you can practice “tough love” you can offer linens that are “frugal luxury”. Not by paying a cheap price (we already covered that in our discussion about getting what you paid for) but by carefully choosing the linen products you choose to dress your hospitality bed.

Did you know that once the thread count gets above 180 on sheets that the average person cannot tell the difference between 180 and 300? Or 400? And up? In fact, most people when sleeping on an 800-thread count sheet will guess that it is soft and cheap, not having that permanent press feel.

Many moons ago, one of my college summer jobs was cleaning house for Nancy, the local rich lady. She insisted that every day I was there that I change all the pillow cases for her bed. Her belief was that there is nothing better than feeling the fine threaded, freshly cleaned pillow case under her head.

When purchasing linens for my hospitality clients, stealing a page from Nancy, I recommend the frugal luxury choice of T-180 sheets and a good quality, big (not an hour glass), high thread count pillow case for the top of the bed. The sheets feel luxurious, the pillow cases are luxurious. Your guests feel pampered and your budget stays intact.

This is a great frugal trick that can help keep your hotel/ guest care room high quality at a value that yields a lower room cost. American Associated Companies offers many sheet and pillow case alternatives so you can dress your beds the way that fits best. We have basic sheets and pillow cases as well as high count, luxury items. Contact us to get the right combination at the right price. We have linens for life that allow you to be FRUGALLY LUXURIOUS.

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