Increasing Productivity Without Busting the Budget

Higher pay typically leads to higher production. The challenge comes when you are tasked with increasing production using the same budget. How do you get more from your linen workers and keep their wages the same? “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.”

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Junk Drawer Muse

American Associated Companies knows that everybody’s got a junk drawer. Even if we never intended to have one, it’s there. Time has taught us it is an inevitable staple of a home. The junk drawer. The universal bin of handy has-beens. A catch all place for who

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The Perfect KPI

AACO knows that linen production management in a plant is a challenge.  What to produce in the limited time you have is a difficult decision.  Peter Drucker said, “what gets measured gets managed, what gets managed gets respected.”  So, what KPI (key performance indicator) should we measure?

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Lean, Mean and Quality…The AACO Way

  Lean and Mean doesn’t have to mean loss of quality. By now in the professional world, you have heard of Six Sigma and Lean as operational philosophies. However, American Associated Companies does not believe that pairing down to “lean” has to involve a loss of quality

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Language Barrier Hack

Are you struggling in your plant with so many different languages that no one seems to be able to communicate effectively?  One operator counted the “first” languages spoken in his plant as 17. That must be somewhat of a time waster, and hence a trigger to inefficiency.

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Frugal Luxury

AACO knows that “frugal luxury” seems like a paradox. As in tough…and love. However, just as you can practice “tough love” you can offer linens that are “frugal luxury”. Not by paying a cheap price (we already covered that in our discussion about getting what you paid

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Cheap Toilet Flushes Twice

A friend of mine recently built a new home. He was very proud of the fact that he went with the low bidder on everything. He let me know how much money he “saved” in the build out. When I went to visit him the first time,

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